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St. Anthony Parish

Cub Scout Pack 235
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Welcome to the Pack 235 Website


Pack 235 is located in East Dayton Ohio.  We are based at St. Anthony Parish.  We are a relatively small pack, but are very active and have a lot of fun learning year-round.  

We have found Scouting is a valuable way for all families to share great time together along with other families.  Pack 235 is lucky to have great scouts and great parents, which results in a lot of fun at every event!



























If you are currently a Scout or Scout Parent in Pack 235, please log into our private site to view photos, see upcoming den & pack events on the calendar, and get leader contact information.  

If you are not yet a member of our pack, please feel free to look around!  It is our hope that through your involvement in scouting you will benefit as many others before us have and find value in teaching these life lessons and skills to your children.  You will find scouting is more than just another activity.  It is part of a foundation that our children and our families need as a part of our lives.

Please feel free to contact us...

CubMaster: Meg Harris